The Keighley & District Disabled People’s Centre was established in 1981, The International Year of the Disabled, with the aim

to make provision for people with a disability in the area of Keighley.
The Centre at Temple Row was opened on 1984 and is managed by a board of trustees, elected from within the membership.
Over 30% of the adult population in Keighley and the surrounding area have learning or physical disabilities.

Keighley & District Disabled People’s Centre (KDDPC), was established to support people with disabilities in the town of Keighley & District areas.

KDDPC aims to enable disabled people to participate fully as equal citizens in an inclusive society and benefit from increased life-style choices. In short we aspire to be the leading local agency providing high quality services to meet the needs of disabled people in this area.
Over the years KDDPC has developed and main-tained close working relationships with many vol-untary and statutory organizations, which has enabled the centre to cater for a wide range of services for people with disabilities, regardless of race, creed colour, age, sex, political opinion or type of disability.


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